Sunday, August 3, 2008

 Artist:     Shabazz The Disciple      Title:      The Vault (Hidden Safiyahz)
Source: CDDA Size: 62,2 MB
Encoder: Exact Audio Copy Bitrate: VBRkbps
Ripped: Jul-29-2008 Run Time: 64:34
Label: T.H.U.G. Angelz Music Genre: Hip-Hop

Release Notes:
Shabazz the Disciple is one of the originating members of
the Sunz of Man, and was a featured Wu-Tang affiliate during
The Wu's greatest years in the mid nineties. His lyrical
style has influenced countless emcees including the late
Big Pun. With "The Vault (Hidden Safiyahz)" Bazz finally
unleashed jewels from his personal stash. All of this
album is either very rare or previously unreleased, so
get ready for what is virtually a brand new Shabazz album,
as compiled by Bazz himself especially for Chambermusik.
Producers include Frequency, Lord Jamar, Carlos Bess,
Irfane, Get Large, M.O.D., The Butcher, DJ Skinny, Baracuda,
Moongod, and others.

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No. Time Track

01. 01:38 N.P.P.
02. 02:40 B.I.D. (Blessings In Disguise)
03. 03:54 Bail Money
04. 03:51 Ya Exodust
05. 03:55 I'm Breathing For You
06. 07:06 Lord, Why Marion?
07. 01:58 Peep Game
08. 05:29 Crime Saga 2 (The Saga Continues)
09. 03:31 Punanyay
10. 06:55 Ricki Ricardo (Pimpy Behavior)
11. 00:46 Isiah 3:16's
12. 04:24 Daughter's Of Zion
13. 03:09 Sebilibong Bang!
14. 05:25 Honk Ya Hornz
15. 04:14 Point Game Feat. Yay-Yay
16. 01:30 Last Ghospel Of David (1 Thug!)
17. 04:09 F-Train (Easter Sunday '88)
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