Sunday, August 3, 2008

        RiPPER.: diablo               DATE...: 11/27/99                 
LAbEL..: Flamboyent SiZE...: 31.5 Mb
ENCOdER: Franhoufer TRACkS.: 15 _ _
Rating.: 10/10 Year...: 1999 _ /____
______Source.: Vinyl/CD/Tape_______ Covers.: nope ______________\\

      __ tracks list ________________________________________________________________.
.___\_ _
_ _/
01-Internationally Known f D.I.T.C.
02-Times Is Hard On The Boulevard
03-Get Yours f OC
04-The Enemy f D.I.T.C.
06-Should of Wore a Rubber
07-Devils Son
08-Dignified Soldiers f D.I.T.C.
09-5 Fingers Of Death f D.I.T.C
10-Day One f D.I.T.C.
11-Work Pt II f Gangstarr
12-MVP (Summer Smooth Mix)
13-You Know What I'm About f Lord Finesse
14-Freestyle Pt. 1 f Lord Finesse
15-Freestyle Pt. 2 f Lord Finesse

      __ release notes ______________________________________________________.
.___\_ _
_ _/ This is some HOT shit from Big L. After being shot and killed, his
name will still go on. To me he was one of my favorite hip hop
artist, and will always be one. His next album (The Flamboyent One)
should drop before summer, be sure and buy it! It dont get any
better then Big L. Peace
_ /____


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